SKY-HI and Nissy released their infectious single, "SUPER IDOL"

Esteemed Japanese artists SKY-HI and Nissy, integral members of AAA's chart-topping group, have dropped a surprise digital single, "SUPER IDOL." In a groundbreaking collaboration, this unexpected release promises a dynamic fusion of SKY-HI's unparalleled rap prowess and Nissy's enchanting vocals, delivering a stimulating, rhythmic venture.

As influential figures in Japan's music scene, SKY-HI and Nissy unite their distinctive styles in "SUPER IDOL," showcasing a seamless blend of creative genius. The single embodies their musical synergy, pushing the boundaries of innovation. With infectious beats and evocative lyrics, "SUPER IDOL" aims to captivate audiences, solidifying the duo's status as trailblazers in the industry.

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