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Welcome to HipHopeargasm – Submit Music

Are you an aspiring hip-hop artist or producer looking to share your talent with the world? Here at HipHopeargasm, we are dedicated to promoting and supporting emerging artists in the hip-hop genre. We believe in the power of music to inspire and connect people, and we are excited to hear what you have to offer.

Submission Guidelines:

Original Content: We accept only original music. All submissions must be your own work, and you must have the necessary rights to share the material.

Quality is Key: Ensure your submission is of high audio quality. Poorly recorded or mixed tracks may not be considered for inclusion on our platform.

Submit in MP3 format: Please submit your music in MP3 format, clearly labeled with the track title and artist name.

Brief Artist Bio: Introduce yourself! Share a short bio or description of your musical journey, influences, and what makes your music unique.

Social Media Links: Include links to your social media profiles (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) so we can learn more about you and your work.

Artwork/Visuals: While not mandatory, providing artwork or visuals that represent your track can enhance its appeal.

No Explicit Content: We aim to maintain a positive and inclusive platform. Submissions with explicit, offensive, or discriminatory content will not be accepted.

How to Submit:

To submit your music to HipHopeargasm, please follow these steps:

Email Submission: Send an email to with the subject line: "Music Submission - [Your Artist Name]."

Attach Files: Attach your MP3 track(s) to the email, along with any additional files, such as artwork or visuals.

Artist Information: In the body of the email, provide your artist bio, social media links, and any relevant information about the submitted tracks.

Legal Confirmation: Include a statement confirming that you own the rights to the submitted music and grant HipHopeargasm permission to feature it on our platform.

Review Process:

Our team at HipHopeargasm listens to each submission carefully. While we would love to respond to every submission, the high volume of entries may make this challenging. If your music aligns with our platform's style and meets the guidelines, we will be in touch with you.

Thank you for choosing HipHopeargasm as a platform to share your music. We appreciate your talent and dedication to the hip-hop culture. Let's spread the love for hip-hop together!

Keep creating and inspiring,

The HipHopeargasm Team

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