BhramaBull "Niggas Know" brings Trenton's grit to the forefront

In their latest single, "Niggas Know," Money First doesn’t just make music; they deliver an unfiltered slice of life from Trenton’s streets. Produced by BhramaBull, the track pulses with gritty beats and uncompromising verses that cut through the noise of mainstream hip-hop. Boom Blake and JP Da illest’s lyrics are a testament to their authenticity, offering a raw and unapologetic portrayal of their experiences and observations.

The production is bold and punchy, perfectly complementing the duo’s aggressive delivery. "Niggas Know" not only solidifies Money First’s presence in the rap scene but also sets the stage for their forthcoming album, promising a collection that pushes boundaries and demands attention. This track isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration and an anthem for those who know the streets and aren’t afraid to speak their truth.

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