The Eska "Haters" merges tradition and trap for an unforgettable sound

The Eska’s "Haters" is a revolutionary track that masterfully fuses modern traps with traditional Uzbek instrumentation. From the first beat, the 808 drums lay down a hypnotic rhythm, while the gijjak's high-pitched melodies add a unique, cultural twist. The vocals cut through the mix with unapologetic swagger, delivering sharp, defiant lyrics that address and dismiss the critics.

"Haters" is an innovative and bold musical statement, showcasing The Eska's ability to blend diverse influences into a cohesive and compelling track. This fusion of trap beats and Uzbek musical elements creates a dynamic listening experience that is both fresh and exhilarating. "Haters" stands as a testament to The Eska’s creativity and vision, setting a new standard for genre-bending music.

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