BigDracoWeezus returns with his latest single, "No Contract"

Chicago super producer and artist BigDracoWeezus has made a grand return with his latest single, "No Contract," a captivating preview from his upcoming deluxe project, "BiggiesBaby" Vida Futura. After surviving a life-threatening incident in Atlanta, where he was shot three times, BigDracoWeezus channels his resilience and artistic prowess into this release.

"No Contract" emphasizes BigDracoWeezus's commitment to his art and independence. Through his inventive wordplay and crisp delivery, the song clearly shows his undeniable talent and determination. As anticipation builds for "BiggiesBaby" Vida Futura, "No Contract" sets the stage for a project that will surely be a milestone in his illustrious career. Prepare yourself for an artistic journey that defies boundaries and encapsulates the true essence of artistry.

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