EssDoubleYou drops a new single, "Hoodville"

Melbourne-based emerging talent EssDoubleYou has released his latest single, "Hoodville," and it's already capturing the attention of music lovers. At just 21 years old, EssDoubleYou has managed to bring a fresh perspective and high ambitions to the forefront of the music industry. "Hoodville" is a sonic journey that effortlessly blends EssDoubleYou's passion for recording music with a distinctive sound that resonates authentically with his listeners.

The single showcases EssDoubleYou's lyrical prowess, delivering a compelling narrative that reflects the artist's experiences and aspirations. His unique blend of melody and rhythm and how he weaves his words together make "Hoodville" a standout track that promises to leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens to it. From start to finish, it's a masterful display of EssDoubleYou's talent and creativity, serving as an excellent introduction to this promising artist. With "Hoodville," EssDoubleYou has set the bar high for his future work, and fans eagerly anticipate more from him.

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