Caskie presents a unique collaborative energy with "Zoinks!"

The latest single from UK hip-hop artist Caskie, "Zoinks!" is a vibrant collaboration with fellow musicians Bad Batch, Sylva Grey, Captain Bukioe, and DJ Rasp. The track boasts a high-energy sound that seamlessly blends aggression and playfulness, evoking the spirit of the classic 60s "Scooby Doo" theme.

"Zoinks!" is a teaser for Caskie's forthcoming EP, "Everybody's On One," set to be released in February 2024. The collaboration between Caskie and Bad Batch has resulted in a dynamic synergy that has elevated the UK hip-hop scene. Hailing from south-east London, Caskie brings a unique and distinct style. The track previews what's to come on the EP, which promises to be a unique blend of creativity and innovation.

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