Choice One presents an ignitable single, "DIRTY DIAMONDZ" featuring Rylan Oz

Choice One has made a colossal release with his latest single, "DIRTY DIAMONDZ," featuring the dynamic Rylan Oz. This song is a brilliant amalgamation of 90s East Coast hip-hop and modern rap, encapsulating a blend of old-school soul and contemporary flair overflowing with diluted samples due to its pulsating bassline and hard-hitting beats.

"DIRTY DIAMONDZ" explores the concept of the value of negative attention in a society that is quick to judge. The message of unapologetic authenticity is delivered passionately, making it an anthem for underdogs everywhere. Creating a musical revolution of the rap legends and the new blood, many have longed for.

The lyrics of "DIRTY DIAMONDZ" are a raw and uncut narrative of struggle and ambition that resonate with hustlers, dreamers, and underdogs alike. This song is a revitalization of the old-school rap genre and proves that the fire of this style is still burning bright.

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