Tarun Puri and Teddy Trillion deliver a new single, "Sunrise"

Tarun Puri, a renowned Lo-Fi singer-songwriter from London, has collaborated with the dynamic Teddy Trillion to release their latest single, "Sunrise." The song has been released just in time for the dark winter nights and promises to be a beacon of warmth and hope for music enthusiasts.

Tarun Puri is a renowned artist known for his charismatic delivery and emotional lyrics. Collaborating with Teddy Trillion, expert production has taken the " Sunrise " track to new heights, reflecting the gradual emergence of dawn and offering solace and comfort.

Amidst a season where the world desperately needs positivity, "Sunrise" symbolizes resilience and the hope of a brighter tomorrow. This collaboration effortlessly blends Puri's soulful vocals with Trillion's masterful production, resulting in an immersive experience that defies musical boundaries.

As the winter chill sets in, Tarun Puri and Teddy Trillion's collaboration is a musical remedy, offering hope and renewal.


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