Tarun Puri has released his latest single, "Pretend"

Lo-Fi singer-songwriter Tarun Puri has released his latest single, "Pretend," which takes listeners on a captivating musical journey through heartfelt lyrics and passionate delivery. Known for his ability to craft engaging stories and progressive melodies, Puri's new release is set to resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

In "Pretend," Puri explores the complexities of human relationships, navigating themes of love and loss with raw authenticity. His perspective, reflected in every lyric, establishes a genuine connection with listeners, transcending the boundaries of conventional sound.

The soul-stirring composition showcases Puri's masterful storytelling, creating a contemplative space where vulnerability becomes a source of strength. The dynamic delivery draws audiences into a profound exploration of the human experience, making "Pretend" a poignant addition to Puri's impressive repertoire.

"Pretend" is a heartfelt narrative set against melodies that linger long after the last note. This release promises to take listeners on a sonic journey that resonates with those seeking authentic and evocative musical experiences.

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