Olivia Orson presents an anthem for change with her new single "Errbody Knows"

Olivia Orson’s latest single, "Errbody Knows," is a raw, powerful call to action against the global injustices children face. Her enchanting voice, paired with a rhythmic backbone, delivers a poignant narrative that resonates deeply. The song's message is clear and urgent: the world must wake up to the atrocities happening around us.

Orson’s fierce denunciation of these crimes, coupled with her plea for peace, harmony, and unity, is both moving and motivating. The upcoming video, which she co-directed, promises to be a visual extension of this powerful track. With haunting lyrics that reflect the innocence of children and the cruelty of their experiences, Orson captures the listener’s heart and conscience.

"Errbody Knows" is not just a song; it’s a movement, urging listeners to use their voices against violence and to support a future where every child is safe and loved. This single is a testament to Orson’s commitment to social justice and her belief in the transformative power of music.

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