Cheryl Craigie shares a heartfelt ode to hidden struggles "Migraine"

Cheryl Craigie's most recent single, "Migraine," is an artistic endeavor that seeks to bring awareness to the widespread impact of this neurological condition. Through emotive lyrics and a captivating melody, Craigie constructs an evocative sonic experience that emotionally engages the audience.

A melancholy piano opening sets the mood for the song, emphasizing vulnerability and contemplation. The message of the song is amplified by her powerful and sensitive words. Her honest and unvarnished voice pulls you into the story of perseverance and hardship that many migraine patients are all too familiar with. It has a straightforward yet elegant layout. Her voice is highlighted by the subdued percussion and string build-up that mimic the crescendo of a migraine episode.

In addition to showcasing a personal struggle, her work is a monument to her artistic ability and dedication to utilizing music as a force for good in a society where many people suffer in silence. "Migraine" is a stunning, essential reminder of the fortitude required to persevere and the value of empathy because of Cheryl Craigie's sincere commitment to spreading awareness.

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