Batsch reigns supreme with their stunning new single, "Knew No Different"

Batsch has returned with a sensational new single, "Knew No Different," a track that perfectly showcases their transformation from an avant-pop quartet to an electrifying duo. With Mason Le Long and Matt Rheeston at the helm, this song confirms their exceptional ability to blend synth-pop, disco, and jazz into an irresistible listening experience.

"Knew No Different" draws listeners into a vibrant soundscape where lively synths, intricate guitar melodies, and dynamic drum beats meld effortlessly. Le Long's vocal delivery is haunting and invigorating, perfectly complementing the song’s rich, textured layers. Rheeston's work on drums and samples infuses the track with a pulsating energy that keeps it lively and engaging.

The chemistry between Le Long and Rheeston is evident, with each track component crafted to enhance the others. The synths are bold and expansive, the guitar work is crisp and evocative, and the rhythmic foundation provided by the drums and samples is irresistibly catchy. Their vocal harmonies add extra depth, creating a multi-dimensional, modern, and timeless sound.

"Knew No Different" is a sincere and heartfelt sonic exploration in a music landscape where experimentation can often feel forced. It’s a reminder of why this band has remained a captivating presence in the music scene for over a decade.

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