Fold and Mr Gee illuminate global struggles with "Dark Matters"

The Leeds-based collective Fold, renowned for their poignant and socially conscious music, has reunited with esteemed UK poet Mr Gee for their tenth collaboration in 11 years. Their latest single, "Dark Matters," is a profound and reflective piece, described by Mr Gee as "a bit of an anti-war, anti-everything piece." This track addresses the ongoing humanitarian crises fueled by conflicts in regions such as Gaza and Sudan and critiques the global power structures that perpetuate these tragedies.

Mr Gee’s evocative poetry delves deep into the historical oppression of various peoples, spotlighting the persistent mistake of falling for ‘divide and conquer’ tactics. The synergy between Gee's compelling words and Fold's evocative music encapsulates the collective anguish, frustration, and grief felt by many in today's turbulent world. "Dark Matters" is more than a song; it is a call for empathy and critical thinking in the face of global challenges.

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