Feel the 2010s vibe with myah’s new summer hit "notice you"

myah, the super talented singer/songwriter from South Florida, released a new single called "notice you," which captures the essence of carefree summer days and pays homage to the musical spirit of the 2010s. The track seamlessly combines classic Midwest emo guitar riffs with contemporary pop elements, resulting in a familiar and innovatively fresh sound that establishes her as a unique artist in the contemporary pop music scene.

"notice you" production quality is outstanding, boasting crisp, polished, and vibrant elements that accentuate her distinct vocal delivery. Each layer, from the resonant guitar riffs to the emotive vocals, contributes to a textured auditory experience rich with depth and authenticity. This juxtaposition of raw emotion and refined production sets "notice you" apart and solidifies its place as an impactful addition to the contemporary music landscape.

"notice you" highlights myah's remarkable consistency and significant artistic growth. myah's ability to capture and convey complex emotions through her music is evident, establishing her as an artist of extraordinary talent and promise. Each element of the track is meticulously crafted, and the growth in her artistry is sure to inspire and give hope to the audience about her future projects as she promises even greater things to come.

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