Fantastic Mr Marcel presents a new single, "I Know, You Know, I Know," featuring ARXIVN & Minimalist

Emerging London singer/songwriter Fantastic Mr Marcel recently released his new single titled "I Know, You Know, I Know," featuring ARXIVN and Minimalist, which is truly a revelation. This track is a poignant exploration of the enigmatic and often overpowering force of love, captured through the metaphor of twin flames.

Lyrically, this song is a poignant tribute to love's ability to both heal and challenge us, propelling us toward great personal growth. Mr Marcel expertly captures the rare combination of love and freedom, producing a soundscape that is both calming and energizing, captivating the listener with its depth and beauty. It is evident that this is not simply another summer hit, but rather a voyage into the heart of emotional and spiritual connection.

ARXIVN's vocal performance is extremely engaging; it blends in seamlessly with Minimalist's complex production to create a dance ballad that seems both modern and nostalgic. Not only is the chorus catchy, but it is also upbeat and will definitely stick in your memory. This song is the ideal soundtrack for warm summer nights, bringing back nostalgic memories of magical times spent with a special someone.

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