DPB unleashes "I Feel So Good Today (Happy Mix)" spearheading innovative anti-bullying movement

Prepare for a musical revolution as acclaimed rap artist and tireless anti-bullying advocate DPB unveils his latest single and accompanying music video, “I Feel So Good Today (Happy Mix).” In collaboration with DPB Muzik Inc. and DOB Interactive LLC, the project not only delivers a sensational listening experience but also sparks a powerful anti-bullying movement.

Embark on a journey through the music video's captivating narrative, which movingly depicts the harsh realities of schoolyard conflict while proposing concrete solutions. At the heart of the production is 'The Happy Dance', an innovative anti-bullying initiative aimed at encouraging positivity and courage.

“I Feel So Good Today (Happy Mix)” emerges as the anthem of this movement, showcasing DPB’s uplifting style and infectious rhythms. With its vibrant melodies and empowering lyrics, the song urges listeners to embrace joy and resilience in the face of adversity.

With this release, DPB reaffirms its commitment to spreading positivity and catalyzing change, proving once again that music has the unparalleled ability to uplift spirits and unify communities.

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