Monique Angele releases ethereal single "Dreaming"

Operatic piano pop sensation Monique Angele has released her new single, "Dreaming". This enchanting song offers listeners a serene escape from reality, inviting them into a state of introspective reflection and joy. Beginning with soft piano keys, "Dreaming" sets a tranquil foundation before evolving into a rich, full-band arrangement.

Produced by Sean Peter O’Sullivan and mastered by Joseph Carra, "Dreaming" blends Angele's ethereal voice with compelling storytelling and lush instrumentals. Inspired by her time in Australia, Angele's lyrics explore the essence of daydreaming and finding peace amid life's challenges.

"Dreaming" exemplifies Angele's unique blend of classical piano, operatic vocals, and modern pop, influenced by artists like Kate Bush and Tori Amos. This single promises to transport listeners to a world of imagination and calm.

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