Aubrey Logan celebrates motherhood with "Used To Care"

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Aubrey Logan releases her heartfelt new single, "Used To Care," a soulful R&B tribute to the joys and sacrifices of parenthood. After nearly a decade in the entertainment industry, Aubrey reflects on her evolving priorities, putting her son's needs above all else. The track's poignant lyrics, such as "So now I’ll pick and choose my battles, For you I’ll fight them tooth and nail," capture the essence of maternal devotion.

"Used To Care" has resonated deeply with listeners, especially mothers, who have connected with its raw, emotional narrative. The accompanying music video further enhances the experience, featuring heartwarming footage of fans and their children. From playful messes to first steps and school performances, the video is a touching celebration of everyday family moments.

"Used To Care" is set to become an anthem for Mother's Day, offering a soulful embrace of the profound love and challenges that come with being a parent. Fans can enjoy the single and its moving video this May.

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