Top Submissions EP1 MAY 2024

The primary objective of the Weekly Top Submissions is to showcase a meticulously chosen array of performances that have reached us. By featuring the finest music and videos from diverse sources, we aim to bring attention to exceptional artists and provide them with a platform to gain increased recognition for their creative endeavors. So, relax, enjoy the content, and show your support by following them on various social media platforms.

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Currslis - "Art of Belief"

Immerse yourself in a deep emotional journey with Currslis' "Art of Belief," the final and poignant track from the "Adbitory" album. Each lyric in this song contributes to a vivid portrait of self-discovery, resulting in a memorable and contemplative musical experience. Get captivated by the evocative soundscape of this song, where the power of belief unfolds in every note.


Djib Stanford, a prominent figure in contemporary French music, has recently released his latest masterpiece, "BRAN-NEW HEART." The track is a seamless fusion of contemporary R&B that transcends genres, captivating listeners with its soulful harmony. Djib Stanford's artistry is manifested through an array of diverse influences, attesting to his versatility and mastery of music. "BRAN-NEW HEART" firmly establishes Djib Stanford's position at the forefront of the French music scene and promises to deliver a musical experience that resonates profoundly with his audience.

MIRE - "a letter to my future self"

MaGyverMIRE's "a letter to my future self" is a track that showcases the artist's resilience and authenticity. The song's empowering lyrics highlight the importance of self-reflection and spiritual growth, and offer a heartfelt anthem of strength and perseverance. MIRE's musical talent is on full display, with expertly crafted instrumentation and production that elevate the overall listening experience. The track is a prime example of MIRE's ability to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level while also showcasing his technical expertise as a musician.

Kid Craze  "Golden"

Kid Craze's latest hip-hop track, "Golden," showcases a distinctive style of smooth and mellow beats characterized by easy-listening elements. The song carries an inspiring message of self-belief and determination, urging the audience to stay steadfast in their pursuits. With its intricately woven production and refined composition, "Golden" offers an exceptional listening experience that will captivate those with a keen ear for music.


MaGyverMIRE's latest single, "UP" is a song that encompasses themes of empowerment, self-confidence, and ambition. The lyrics illustrate the artist's personal journey of growth and success, which are symbolized by ascending upwards in various aspects of life. Through this track, MIRE showcases his musical prowess and provides a resonant anthem for individuals striving for personal elevation. The song's composition, arrangement, and production quality are of the highest level, making it a noteworthy addition to any audiophile's playlist.

Drew to the Game - "Lights and Diamonds"

Drew to the Game is set to captivate audiences with the release of his latest single, "Lights and Diamonds." The track showcases his signature blend of introspective lyrics and infectious beats, offering a sonic journey that is both soulful and electrifying. Drawing inspiration from life's highs and lows, Drew to the Game invites listeners to immerse themselves in the shimmering world of "Lights and Diamonds," where each note sparkles with emotion and authenticity.

Blxthe - "SLEEZY"

Blxthe heats up the airwaves with the release of "SLEEZY," a sultry and seductive anthem that pushes boundaries. Known for his fearless approach to music, Blxthe effortlessly blends genres, delivering a track that oozes confidence and allure. "SLEEZY" is a bold statement, showcasing Blxthe's unapologetic style and cementing his status as a rising force in the music industry.

baby raph - "don draper"

Baby raph steps out of their comfort zone with the vibrant and energetic single "don draper." A departure from the artist's usual sound, the track is a fusion of new jazz, trap, and funky elements. Inspired by an e-piano sample from a house track, "don draper" is a testament to baby raph's creativity and versatility. The infectious beats and unconventional blend make this release a must-listen for fans of bold experimentation.

SAFE TRVLS - "If I'm Being Honest"

SAFE TRVLS takes listeners on a nocturnal journey with the release of "If I'm Being Honest." This dark R&B masterpiece is tailor-made for late-night drives, creating an atmospheric and introspective experience. The haunting melodies and soulful vocals intertwine seamlessly, establishing SAFE TRVLS as a maestro of mood-setting music. "If I'm Being Honest" is a compelling addition to any playlist seeking depth and emotion.

satir - "alte Lichter"

Satir unveils the enigmatic and captivating "alte Lichter," a sonic exploration that defies conventions. The artist's experimental approach fuses elements of mystery with a unique sonic palette, creating a track that is both atmospheric and unpredictable. "alte Lichter" showcases satir's commitment to pushing musical boundaries, making it a must-listen for those seeking a journey into uncharted musical territories.

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