Top Submissions EP1 MAR 2024

These diverse releases showcase the evolving landscape of the music industry, offering a range of experiences for listeners across different genres. Each artist brings a unique perspective and sound to the table, contributing to the rich tapestry of contemporary music.

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Kid Kuba - "AMBITIOUS"

Kid Kuba ignites the airwaves with his latest track, "AMBITIOUS." The song blends vibrant beats and infectious energy, setting a new standard for hip-hop ambition and showcasing Kid Kuba's dynamic flow and lyrical prowess.

Roadrunner - "Activated"

Roadrunner electrifies the music scene with "Activated," a high-octane anthem pulsating with raw energy. The track exemplifies Roadrunner's signature style, captivating listeners with its bold beats and infectious hooks.

Shifty Presidents - "Go to Work"

Shifty Presidents delivers a motivational masterpiece with "Go to Work," inspiring listeners to seize the day and chase their dreams. The track's infectious rhythm and empowering lyrics make it a must-listen for anyone on the grind.

Tate Pouncey - "me and my penis"

Atlanta's rising star Tate Pouncey unveils "me and my penis," a captivating art-pop creation. With echoes of Kate Bush and Kanye West, Pouncey's magnetic presence and evocative storytelling shine through in this mesmerizing single.

KillTech - "wannawinn"

KillTech unleashes a sonic storm with "wannawinn," a dynamic single pulsating with electrifying energy. Blending intricate beats and hypnotic melodies, KillTech delivers a genre-defying experience that leaves listeners craving more.

TNinety - "Boys Wanna Have Fun Too"

TNinety takes the spotlight with "Boys Wanna Have Fun Too," an empowering alt-pop anthem. With its infectious groove and empowering message, the track embodies TNinety's unique style and musical vision.

Uzi Masalino - "KILL SWITCH"

Uzi Masalino ignites the mic with "KILL SWITCH," delivering rapid-fire bars and relentless energy. The track showcases Masalino's lyrical prowess and unapologetic attitude, cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.

Christian Sæhle - "Surroundîngs"

Christian Sæhle enchants audiences with "Surroundîngs," a mesmerizing blend of sounds and emotions. Through his music, Sæhle creates moments of unity and connection, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the beauty of the present.

FRATELLI FARINA - "Marchese De Bonis (RRADCA)"

FRATELLI FARINA sets the dance floor ablaze with "Marchese De Bonis (RRADCA)," a vibrant fusion of energy and chill vibes. With its infectious rhythm and irresistible groove, the track delivers an exhilarating musical experience.

2wiin Kingz - "& Earn Respect"

2wiin Kingz makes a statement with "& Earn Respect," a powerful single from their latest album. The track showcases the duo's raw talent and unwavering dedication to their craft with its compelling lyrics and infectious beats.

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