Zilain shares melodic Gem with "D I S T A N C E"

Zilain, the emerging artist with a flair for melodic storytelling, presents his latest single, "D I S T A N C E," a mesmerizing blend of smooth vocals and evocative lyrics. The track reflects Zilain's artistic versatility, showcasing his ability to fuse various musical elements seamlessly.

"D I S T A N C E" explores themes of love, longing, and the challenges of maintaining connections. Zilain's soulful delivery, combined with the hypnotic production, creates an immersive experience for listeners.

Zilain continues to push boundaries with his genre-defying approach, making "D I S T A N C E" a standout addition to his discography.


  1. Great song, can’t stop listening to it. Hoping for more song in the future, you might just end up being my number 1 artist.

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