Savvie unveils latest single, "Pursuit Of Happyness" from Debut EP 'God is Gangsta'

Emerging artist Savvie, often dubbed the Kendrick Lamar of the UK, has dropped his latest track, "Pursuit Of Happyness," from the highly anticipated EP, 'God is Gangsta.' Renowned for his unique melodic hip-hop style, Savvie effortlessly blends energy and introspective lyricism.

The EP, featuring standout singles 'Church On Friday' and 'Spark The Fire,' promises an enthralling musical journey. With contagious energy and poignant lyrics, Savvie establishes a welcoming presence in the UK Hip-Hop scene.

'God is Gangsta' invites audiences on a soulful exploration of deep themes, ensuring a reception marked by nods and open hearts.

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