PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE Unleashes "Just Like Dat" feat. JP THE WAVY in Groundbreaking Digital EP

Today heralds a significant moment in the music industry as PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE unveils their highly awaited digital EP, "99.9 Psychic Radio." With collaborations featuring JP THE WAVY and accomplished producers, the EP pays homage to 2000s Hip Hop, solidifying the group's evolution from local success to global prominence.

The lead single, "Just Like Dat," feat. JP THE WAVY blends captivating 2000's Hip Hop rhythms, intricate choreography, and a touch of international sophistication. Crafted by the acclaimed JIGG and enhanced by Ineedmorebux's inventive sounds, the EP showcases PSYCHIC FEVER's boundary-defying artistic expression. JIGG's mixing and Chris Geringer's mastering in New York are the final strokes to this revolutionary musical expedition.

"99.9 Psychic Radio" is set to redefine conventional norms, marking a pivotal moment in PSYCHIC FEVER's journey toward worldwide recognition. More than just a collection of songs, this EP represents a cultural phenomenon, transcending geographical and temporal boundaries and laying the groundwork for the group's global influence.

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