Hua Li 化力 unveils her latest single, "Part Time Muses"

Hua Li 化力, the enigmatic musical sensation, unveils her latest single, "Part Time Muses," accompanied by a visually stunning music video directed by Yang Shi. The track promises a genre-defying journey into Hua Li's multifaceted musical universe. "Part Time Muses" captures the essence of Hua Li's artistry, showcasing her ability to blend genres and seamlessly create an immersive sonic experience.

Filmed against the vibrant backdrop of Montreal's Plaza St. Hubert, the video adds a layer of visual richness to the already captivating song. Hua Li's magnetic presence and musical prowess shine through, offering audiences a glimpse into the mysterious and alluring world she effortlessly crafts. "Part Time Muses" is set to be a standout addition to Hua Li 化力's discography, leaving fans and new listeners eager for more.

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