Coskies drops his latest single, "ZIP UPS PT 2"

In his latest single, "ZIP UPS PT 2," Coskies delves into the harsh realities of street life with unapologetic lyrics, providing a raw depiction of the challenges faced in a world where trust is scarce. The track unfolds a narrative of loyalty tests, confrontations, and the severe consequences of deception. 

Coskie's compelling storytelling and clever wordplay vividly portray the intense atmosphere of the streets, where gunfire and the pursuit of respect are constant themes. The song goes beyond mere musicality; it's a cinematic experience that immerses listeners in the gritty beats and uncompromising verses, offering an authentic glimpse into the dangers and complexities of street life. 

For those seeking a genuine portrayal of the streets, "ZIP UPS PT 2" is a must-listen, showcasing Coskie's bold lyrical prowess.

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