Young Debit's new single, "BOSS SHIT," features 9Milly

Young Debit latest single, "BOSS SHIT," featuring 9Milly.

In a dazzling display of lyrical prowess, Young Debit takes center stage with his latest single, "BOSS SHIT," featuring the dynamic 9Milly. The track is a bold declaration of self-confidence and success, showcasing Debit's signature flow and 9Milly's powerful presence.

"BOSS SHIT" is set against a backdrop of high-end shopping references, and the lyrics paint a vivid picture of luxury and achievement. Debit asserts his boss status from Ross to Saks Fifth, while 9Milly amplifies the energy with a captivating verse. The infectious beat and catchy hooks make "BOSS SHIT" an instant anthem, destined to be one of the best rap songs of the year.

Young Debit and 9Milly deliver a knockout collaboration that redefines the rap game. "BOSS SHIT" is out now, so buckle up and experience the unparalleled vibe of this chart-topping track.

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