Spencer Bonds's Three Captivating Tracks from album "The Rent Is Due"

Spencer Bonds, the talented musician behind the amazing album "The Rent Is Due," has released three new songs that will make your music experience even better. These songs are unique and blend different influences to create something special. 

"MANDELA" (feat. Queen Lareefa) is a song that has been compared to the styles of Lil Peep and Kid Cudi. Spencer Bonds and Queen Lareefa have created a beautiful melody that takes you on a journey beyond the usual boundaries of music. 

"We Miss Dilla" (feat. Queen Lareefa) is another song that will take you on a nostalgic trip. It has a classic sound that reminds us of old-school hip-hop, but with a modern twist. Spencer Bonds and Queen Lareefa have done a great job of blending the old and the new. 

"Around The Way" (feat. Seth Lorenzo) is a song that explores different genres of music. Spencer Bonds and Seth Lorenzo have created a unique sound that tells a story of urban life. 

"The Rent Is Due" is Spencer Bonds' latest album and it's a masterpiece. Each song is carefully crafted and contributes to the overall narrative of the album. It's a must-add to your playlist.

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