Slick Guruzee Unveils a Flavorful Musical Feast with "Supreme Pizza"

Slick Guruzee (Derrick Clark), takes us on a delicious journey through his sonic kitchen with the unveiling of his latest creation, "Supreme Pizza." Born in the vibrant tapestry of November 1997 and nurtured on the east side of Pittsburgh in the Garfield neighborhood, Slick Guruzee's journey as a rapper began at the tender age of 8.

"Supreme Pizza" is a lyrical pie topped with the rich experiences and flavors of Slick's upbringing. The beats serve as the dough, rising from the pulse of Garfield's streets, while the lyrics are the savory ingredients, carefully layered with the essence of a determined artist's dreams.

From scribbling rhymes over industry instrumentals to cooking up tracks in his room on a trusty laptop, Slick Guruzee has honed his craft with unwavering dedication.

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