San Quinn unveils his latest musical single, "Official"

Renowned wordsmith of the San Francisco Bay Area hip-hop scene, San Quinn, unveils his latest musical opus, "Official." A collaborative endeavor with Sacramento's virtuoso artist and producer, C-DUBB, the track is an integral part of the meticulously crafted album "The Mob Hour Continues."

This musical tapestry, a testament to the essence of mob music, showcases San Quinn's lyrical understanding against the backdrop of C-DUBB's distinctive "Mobbmuzik" production. "Official" stands as a magnum opus within the album, featuring the resonant prose of Santa Cruz's SpenDoe, whose inaugural verse delves into the intricacies of authenticity and the inherent costs of ascension.

C-DUBB's hook, a poetic revelation, interlaces truth with melody, while San Quinn's lyrical finesse and Russell Falco'n's spirited delivery on the third verse add uniqueness to the composition.

"The Mob Hour Continues" promises to enrapture aficionados of West Coast hip-hop, solidifying San Quinn's enduring literary and rhythmic influence.

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