Qiayz Drops "Toni"

Qiayz La Beastress emerges as a true wordsmith, and her latest release, "Toni," is a soulful odyssey that takes us through the heart of Chicago. Known for her bold take on remixes, Qiayz made waves back in 2008 with her reimagining of Lil Wayne's "Dck Pleaser," aptly renamed "Pssy Eater," amassing over 200 million streams on Myspace.

"Toni" serves as a demonstration to Qiayz's growth and lyrical prowess. The track weaves a narrative that unfolds like pages from her personal diary, set against the backdrop of the gritty streets that raised her. Her Phoenix roots and Chicago upbringing collide, creating a sonic landscape that is both raw and refined.

The beats pulse with the heartbeat of the city, each lyric dripping with authenticity. Qiayz's delivery is a masterclass in rhythmic storytelling, effortlessly navigating the complexities of life, love, and her unapologetic journey. "Toni" stands out not only for its infectious hooks but for its ability to transport listeners into the very soul of the artist.

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