OTALY shares his latest single, "CYPRIS"

Celebrated artist OTALY has just dropped a new single entitled "CYPRIS," which delves deep into the themes of loyalty and self-discovery. The repetitive use of the name "Cypris" hints at a central character, which serves as a symbol for an object of affection. The lyrics of the song are a reflection of authenticity, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

Accompanying the single is an incredibly powerful music video that contrasts vibrant present-day scenes with black-and-white flashbacks of a past romance with "Cypris." Through OTALY's storytelling and cinematic visuals, the music video creates an incredibly profound and moving experience for listeners.

You can find "CYPRIS" on all major streaming platforms, complete with the must-see music video. Don't miss out on the emotional journey that OTALY's "CYPRIS" has to offer.

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