Next Rated Songs EP1 Jan 2024

Dhunna - "HALFTIME"

Dhunna takes center stage with the release of "HALFTIME," a dynamic single that blends infectious beats with his signature style. Packed with energy and creativity, the track showcases Dhunna's musical prowess, promising listeners an unforgettable sonic journey.

Howie Stackz - "Voyeuristic"

Embarking on the musical continuum, maestro Howie Stackz unveils "Voyeuristic," the inaugural single after the lauded release of his recent album, "Itchy Fingers." An erudite luminary with a refined lyrical cadence and sonorous beats, Stackz reasserts his preeminence in the sonic realm. "Voyeuristic" beckons discerning listeners to a transcendent auditory odyssey, epitomizing Stackz's unparalleled artistic prowess.

More or Les - Ole Man Logan (feat. Swamp Thing & D.J. Irate)

More Or Les has just released his latest single "Ole Man Logan" featuring Swamp Thing and DJ iRATE, presenting a unique sound that you don't want to miss. The single is part of his 8-track album, "The Lil' Ole EP," which is highly anticipated and showcases Les's cozmik truck jewelz over self-produced aggressive Lo-fi and intergalactic Boom Bap. The album embraces Alt Identity traditions and is eclectic, with Les using his wit to address ageism and middle-aged angst by challenging societal norms. Additionally, Les has collaborated with Nerd Core sensation Touch 182, West Coast funk maestro Moka Only, and Backburner crew members, promising a sonic journey that opposes the status quo.

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