Jonnychang and Dom V unveil new single, "HALF"

Jonnychang and Dom V unveil their powerful new single, "HALF," which explores the poignant theme of breaking free from toxic environments, capturing the essence of resilience and self-discovery. Jonnychang's emotive vocals seamlessly intertwine with Dom V's masterful style, creating an immersive sonic experience that resonates on a profound level.

"HALF" is a cathartic journey, a musical escape from toxicity. Jonnychang skillfully weaves together intricate melodies and heartfelt lyrics, delivering a message of empowerment and growth. As the duo navigates the intricacies of leaving behind negativity, they invite audiences to join them on this transformative musical voyage. "HALF" is poised to make a lasting impact, offering solace and inspiration to those seeking liberation from toxic surroundings.

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