Jeristotle drops an outstanding single, "They Sold Me On The TV"

Jeristotle unveils his latest opus, "They Sold Me On The TV," a poignant manifestation of his distinctive musical stylings and eclectic influences. This composition transcends the boundaries of conventional genres, seamlessly weaving elements of hip-hop, soul, and pop to underscore Jeristotle's artistic versatility. 

Through profound lyrical expressions and entrancing melodies, the composition explores the profound impact of media manipulation and the arduous pursuit of authenticity within the digital milieu. Jeristotle's unwavering dedication to catalyzing positive societal transformation resonates throughout the composition as he employs his musical prowess to instigate contemplation and dialogue. 

"They Sold Me On The TV" transcends mere musicality; it emerges as a compelling commentary on societal paradigms and the perpetual quest for individualism. Jeristotle, as an artist, continues to etch his narrative in the annals of the music industry, leaving an indelible imprint with this evocative release.

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