Jay Mompre Takes Us "All Around the World" in His Soulful Journey from Miami to Your Heart

Today, we embark on a sonic adventure with Jay Mompre, a singer/songwriter whose roots run deep in the vibrant culture of Miami. In his latest release, "All Around the World," Mompre invites listeners to join him on a musical pilgrimage that transcends borders and resonates with the warmth of his Haitian heritage.

Growing up in the Sunshine State, surrounded by the rhythmic beats of Miami's diverse soundscape, Jay Mompre's musical tapestry is woven with the threads of his upbringing. Raised in a Haitian household immersed in gospel melodies, Mompre's soulful journey finds its expression in "All Around the World."

The song's infectious rhythm and Mompre's soul-stirring vocals transport listeners to the streets of Miami, where the city's heartbeat fuses with the rich tapestry of his Haitian roots. "All Around the World" is an intimate invitation to experience the world through the lens of Jay Mompre's unique perspective.

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