iLLy XO shares a hip-hop revelation with 'Designer Fiend'

iLLy XO is a hip-hop artist from Melbourne, Australia. He has released a new song called "Designer Fiend", which is very unique and creative. The song is not just about rap, it's also a journey into the mind of an artist who is trying new things and breaking the rules.

"Designer Fiend" is not like other rap songs. iLLy XO's words and music are different and exciting. The song mixes modern beats with old sounds, which makes it interesting to listen to. The words are clever and fun to hear, and the melody is catchy.

The song is full of energy and rhythm, like the waves of the ocean. iLLy XO's singing is very good, and it makes you want to hear more. His voice is quick and smooth, and he sings with the music perfectly. When you listen to "Designer Fiend", you will never forget it!

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