Illy Presents Musical Time Capsule with 'Timeline'

Illy has released a new song called "Timeline," which is a part of her latest project, "2am at Cocktails." This song has a soothing melody that can help you relax and think about your life. Illy is very good at mixing different types of music together, and she has done a great job with "Timeline." The song has a chill vibe and poetic lyrics that can make you feel calm and peaceful.

Illy's singing is very soulful, and the song tells a story about her personal journey. The lyrics are very relatable and can make you feel like you're not alone in your thoughts. The music can help you feel like you have a friend who is listening to you and guiding you through your emotions.

"Timeline" is not just a good song, but it can also help you connect with yourself and your feelings. The music is very emotional and can take you to a place where you can forget about time and just focus on your emotions.

Stream Illy's new single 'Timeline'

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