HEDEGAARD collaborates with Matt Hawk and CANCUN? for their latest single, "OneHundred"

The musical talents of Hedegaard, Matt Hawk, and CANCUN? converge in the release of their compelling collaborative track, "OneHundred." Published under the auspices of HEDEGAARD's renowned label, the song takes center stage in the "Car Music Vol. 1" compilation, underscoring the trio's expertise in the evolving realm of "car music."

"OneHundred" presents a captivating sonic fusion, seamlessly weaving eerie chorals, dynamic rap vocals, and a profound bassline. This release contributes to the label's reputation for spearheading the "car music" movement following the success of previous hits. Enthusiasts of boundary-pushing compositions and inventive soundscapes should not miss the immersive experience offered by "OneHundred."

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