fyoum's "deus ex" (feat. Drux) Reshapes the Musical Cosmos

Australian label Sumoclic, guided by the visionary hands of Golden Vessel & Akurei, proudly introduces the musical transcendence of fyoum. Jacob Olsson, the sonic architect behind fyoum, weaves a cosmic tapestry with his latest revelation – "deus ex" featuring the enigmatic Drux. As the second single from his upcoming album, slated for an early 2024 release, this track propels listeners into a celestial journey of sound.

"deus ex" is an auditory expedition that defies conventions and embraces the uncharted realms of musical expression. Fusing ethereal electronic landscapes with Drux's captivating presence, fyoum has crafted a sonic elixir that transcends the ordinary, immersing its audience in a cosmic dance.

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