Fantastic Mr Marcel unveils interesting single "Science & Magic"

Fantastic Mr Marcel's latest single, "Science & Magic," is a unique blend of scientific and magical elements that features soothing sounds, the burning of paper, and the transformation of ashes to dust. Marcel, an expert in electricity, delves into the fascinating world of science and magic, exploring its natural and systematic aspects. "Science & Magic" is a sublime combination of these two fields and will captivate anyone who listens to it.

The lyrics evoke a sense of mystique, referencing patterns that combine elixirs and the ethereal space between stars. Marcel's vocals guide listeners through a journey of electric and physical sensations, exploring the fragile and esoteric nature of the universe.

"Science & Magic" invites you to tear it apart or let it lead your heart into a realm where science and magic converge. Embrace the magic and give in to the captivating allure of Fantastic Mr Marcel's latest musical creation.

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