Elephant in the Room unveils their latest track, "Thinking of You"

Elephant in the Room unveils their latest musical opus, "Thinking of You," marking the inaugural release in a series of forthcoming compositions this year. In a harmonious convergence of electric pulses and organic acoustics, the composition meticulously intertwines dark electro-pop tonalities with a soulful, nostalgic resonance. 

Following a deliberate hiatus spanning a year, dedicated to a revitalization of both creative and professional energies, the Irish duo returns with a refreshed musical direction. "Thinking of You" beckons the listener into a profound and passionate sonic landscape, promising an enthralling odyssey through innovative soundscapes. 

Elephant in the Room's resurgence is emblematic of a persistent exploration into uncharted musical realms, establishing their prowess as avant-garde creators within the dynamic tapestry of contemporary musical expression.

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