Ed Allen delivers an extraterrestrial joyride with "Uh-Uh" ft. Coxain and Gio Jennings

Ed Allen and his friends Coxain and Gio Jennings have released a new song called "Uh-Uh" that takes the listener on a journey through space. The song was created when Coxain came up with a catchy phrase, "Uh-Uh," during a freestyle session, and Gio Jennings added an excellent beat to create a unique and otherworldly sound.

"Uh-Uh" showcases what happens when talented musicians come together to create something unique. Ed Allen, Coxain, and Gio Jennings have great chemistry and infectious energy. The song is from Ed Allen's upcoming EP, "SPACEMAN," which promises to take listeners on an intergalactic musical adventure.

The song perfectly exemplifies how a casual jam session can turn into a masterpiece. Ed Allen's signature style, combined with Coxain's rhythm and Gio Jennings' production skills, creates a catchy and unique sound. "Uh-Uh" is a vibe that gives a glimpse of the boundless creativity that defines the SPACEMAN EP.

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