Dream Global Records: Chicago's Biggest Independent Music Label

Dream Global Records, founded by brothers Tayski and D. Lawrence, has emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the music industry. From humble beginnings in their mother's small apartment, armed with just a PC and a microphone, the Lawrence brothers embarked on a remarkable journey that transcends adversity.

The brothers' story is one filled with passion, hard work, dedication, and determination. Despite facing unimaginable challenges, such as the tragic shooting death of their older brother and cousin in a double homicide in 2018 and the loss of over 50 friends to gun violence, Tayski and D. Lawrence have not only persevered but also continued to inspire their peers.

In a bold move, the brothers relaunched Dream Global Records amid a global pandemic, viewing it as an opportunity rather than a roadblock. "The pandemic is how we popped off the label," they share. "While everybody else splurged and sat on their money, we decided to invest in and sign artists. That was our strategy."

Their strategic vision bore fruit when Fort Worth, TX., native Splizzy became the first artist to sign a massive six-figure deal with Dream Global Records. Splizzy vividly recalls his first meeting with the Lawrence brothers at LAX airport, setting the stage for a partnership that would take him from their rented multi-million dollar Hollywood Hills home to Los Angeles' famed Green Tea Studios.

Dream Global Records stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of turning challenges into opportunities. The Lawrence brothers continue to shape the future of the music industry, one artist at a time.

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