Tenyen drops his latest single, "Why'd You Care?"

Tenyen has released a new single called "Why'd You Care?" which deals with the complexities of relationships, exploring themes of judgment, gaslighting, and the struggle for self-identity.

Through this heartfelt track, Tenyen confronts the challenges of meeting others' expectations while dealing with the manipulation and biases often present in personal connections. The lyrics are full of emotion and vulnerability, questioning the reasons behind scrutiny and its negative effect on mental health.

"Why'd You Care?" showcases Tenyen's unique style, blending captivating vocals with a potent mix of beats and melodies. The artist's ability to express raw, authentic emotions resonates with listeners, creating a deep connection through the universal experiences discussed in the song.

Tenyen's unwavering commitment to authenticity and storytelling continues to captivate audiences, making "Why'd You Care?" an essential listen for fans of meaningful and soulful music.

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