SHOWTIME RAMON and Mark Battles drop latest hit "Jet Lag"

Renowned artists SHOWTIME RAMON and Mark Battles have joined forces to drop their latest hit, "Jet Lag." The dynamic single, propelled by its infectious beats and lyrical prowess, showcases the artists' undeniable chemistry.

"Jet Lag" paints a vivid picture with its evocative lyrics, where tattoos meet smoke-filled rooms and high-flying energy. The verses, seamlessly delivered by SHOWTIME RAMON and Mark Battles, illustrate a lifestyle of luxury, ambition, and unapologetic confidence.

The track's catchy chorus and pulsating rhythm capture the essence of a jet-setter's life, as the artists navigate the highs and lows with swagger. "Jet Lag" is a sonic journey that elevates the listener to new heights, echoing the artists' commitment to pushing boundaries in their craft.

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