R. City drops their latest single, "WAPA"

R. City, the dynamic duo from the Caribbean, has recently released their latest single, "WAPA," which has taken the music world by storm. The track is featured on their highly anticipated mixtape, "This Is Not A Drill...This Is Really Happening," showcasing the duo's unparalleled ability to ride the rhythm with finesse.

"WAPA" is a unique blend of UK drill beats and Caribbean vibes, which creates an infectious and captivating energy that sets the stage on fire. Brothers Theron Thomas and Timo Makaveli have woven a tapestry of elusive, raw vibes that will leave listeners spellbound.

The duo's witty banter takes a clever jab at pop culture while embracing the island rizz that makes Caribbeans the smoothest in the game. R. City has once again proven their mastery of crafting genre-defying hits that resonate with global audiences.

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