Ohene Parker teams up with M80/20 and Sticky700 for new track "RICK and MORTY"

Renowned artist Ohene Parker has set the music scene ablaze with the release of his latest single, "RICK and MORTY," featuring the dynamic collaboration of M80/20 & Sticky700. The track takes listeners on a wild ride through Parker's vivid narrative, blending gritty storytelling with infectious beats.

With lyrics that showcase a badman living life on the edge, Ohene Parker's "RICK and MORTY" delves into a world of fast-paced living, exhilarating experiences, and unapologetic ambition. The collaboration with M80/20 & Sticky700 adds a unique flavor to the track, creating an unstoppable force of creativity and energy.

From hitting hot licks to navigating the challenges of life, "RICK and MORTY" is a sonic journey that captivates from start to finish. Ohene Parker's unmistakable style, coupled with the raw talent of M80/20 & Sticky700, solidifies the single as a must-listen in the contemporary music landscape.

"RICK and MORTY" is now available on all major streaming platforms. Join Ohene Parker on this exhilarating musical adventure and experience the brand new wave that is reshaping the industry.

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