MAĀNA unveils her latest single, "New Wave."

MAĀNA's latest single, "New Wave," unveils a mesmerizing blend of rhythm, distinctive lyrics, and infectious beats, showcasing the Parisian artist's rising prominence in the music scene. Influenced by diverse R&B eras, both modern and old-school, MAĀNA effortlessly navigates the song's waves with smooth vocals, harmonies, and contemporary instrumentals. 

Co-written as part of the EP "1." with Artemus Prime, "New Wave" encapsulates MAĀNA's artistic journey, offering a unique blend of sounds that transcends boundaries.

"New Wave" not only cements her status as an emerging star but also fits perfectly with the overarching theme of her EP, which revolves around love and self-confidence. The Parisian artist establishes herself as a captivating force in the R&B genre, leaving fans eager for more.

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