KEZRA drops a new single, "Came Here for You" featuring Ava Perryman

KEZRA, the boundary-pushing artist known for his eclectic musical palette, has unleashed his latest sonic creation, "Came Here for You," featuring the soulful vocals of Ava Perryman. This dynamic single showcases KEZRA's remarkable ability to seamlessly blend genres while honoring each one's musical essence.

"Came Here for You" is a musical journey highlighting KEZRA's confidence in exploring diverse soundscapes. His collaboration with Ava Perryman adds a captivating layer, with her soulful voice perfectly complementing KEZRA's innovative production.

KEZRA has released "Came Here for You" on all major streaming platforms. The song features a fusion of styles that showcases KEZRA's ability to navigate different genres. Fans can now enjoy an exciting and immersive musical experience worldwide.

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